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busy with life :)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 27, 2012, 4:48 AM
Hey folks!

I wrote a very same journal entry on Sept. 2010 and the only thing I can say is that, as of today, a day of January 2012, nothing changes :) Life is still pretty busy on my side, artistic projects are blooming and my baby girl is growing. I'm exhausted but extremely happy of what I have today :)

Thank you for the continuous support and kind words :)

Love you :heart:

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Latest news

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 9, 2010, 4:09 AM
Hi folks,

Sorry for not being more around since the last couple of month. I thought I would have time to browse, submit and comment... but unfortunately I don't. Thanks a lot for the faves and comments, and devwatches too! I'm more active on facebook… and my blog is updated every week , in case you're looking for more activity on my side.

On the news side, I'm in CRAZY 4 CULT, a fantastic group show in Gallery1988 Los Angeles, CA (July 9 - July 30, 2010). Opening reception is on Friday July 9th, 7-10 PM. If you're in the area don't miss it, it's a chance to see 100 artists reinterpreting classic cult movies!

Kim and Edward - Edward Scis.. by AnneJulieAubry Sally - A Nightmare Before... by AnneJulieAubry

My two pieces: Edward Scissorhands and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

That's all for now folks,
Until next time, i'm sending you lots of hugs!!


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Back here, hello folks :blackrose:

edit: thank you for all your comments, favs and +watch! i'm currently busy but i will take the time to answer soon


ps: Darlings, if you have any special question for me, I just created something that will help! click on the link, and ask your question! I will answer it asap =)
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It took me not less than 9 month to decide to post a new journal here on DA. Even though I emptied my gallery, and that I'm gone since last February, I'm amazed to see that I still receive +devwatches, notes and comments from fans and sweet people. Thanks so much. I can't help but stop my hiatus and to come here to thank you all. You are awesome ♥

I hope you're all doing great and that you still have the creative mojo!

~ Anne-Julie
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Welcome to the new volume of

The Children's Illustrators Showcase !

:pointr: Volume 1: Children's Illustrators Showcase volume 1
:pointr: Volume 2: Children's Illustrators Showcase volume 2

Happy New Year 2007, full of colors and happiness :heart:
Thank everyone for the support on the last 2 volume of this news! It's time for you to discover another bunch of beautiful things...
Happy Discoveries!

edward and king crusty by matthewartAre You Awake by jasinskiIlluminated by oxboxer
panda and fairy by HeatherIhnA Wizard of Tea by ursulav
under the gingko tree by cecilliahidayatfee by cocinando-coloresMonster delivery by kjutenkadli
Bug Me by anhdressea shanty by libelleThe scorpion by Aguaplano
she found a shooting star by trenchmakermelusine by nicolas-gouny-artLittle Red by Ethereal-Mind
:thumb40757330:Sous-marine by germaine-en-tongs
BookMark- Beliver by KingdomTQueen of Snails by mystcloudChildren's Book Illustration by clickart
5 o'clock runaway... by SoLbizaRkNight Time Book C by blunderlandthe careless flying teacher by barbarasobczynska
The Bewitching Night - Escape by GoddessVirageHarvey at the saloon by DianeYoung:thumb34396682:
le pecheur reveur by kperusitaLet Down Your Hair by Isynia-Artessa
submarine 2 by burch00whassat? by trenchmaker
the teacher and the egg by matthewartBabu and Abu in Snow Grasses by frecklefaced29Lil' Red by 2DCale
A walk in the woods by kittyvane
Pamaskong Anyaya by blue-fusionCyclekids Submission by nicholaskole
:thumb32321119:dangerous games by alexmathersdiablito by ciclomono
Byblos p20-21 by Majnounala tana della topa by simonameisser
:thumb5839456:aparato excretor by ciclomonowonderland 1 cover by sonny123
soap bubbles by yukarikanekomartha moth makes socks by cambriac
Happy birthday card by nataludicaDancing Rabbit by UrsusArctos
:thumb45747354::thumb45750161:The 21st by gorjuss
:thumb33838260:Hey day 3 by ARTOONATOR

/As usual, for the next issue:

If you are a children books illustrator yourself, professional or wannabe, or if you know some of our great fellows, feel free to send me a note entitled [news article: illustrators showcase]. I will gladly add them in the next issue.
Thank you for your support!

:pointr: first volume: Children's Illustrators Showcase volume 1

Hi folks, this is the second volume of the Children's Illustrators Showcase!
I was very happy to see that lots of you enjoyed the first volume, and I also received a lot of notes with suggestions, thank you! It's a very great support for us, children's illustrators, and also for children's books lovers. We exists to put stars in your eyes, and smiles on your faces.

Good News:

We now have the chance to have some Digital Illustration galleries (Hopefully Traditional Illustration galleries are coming soon), so be sure to upload your new deviations, and to move your previous ones in those galleries! For your digital illustrations, you can choose:

Digital Art> Drawings> illustrations
Digital Art> Paintings & Airbrushing> Illustrations

:santa:... :rudolph: :rudolph: :rudolph:

Santa Claus is almost there! I decided to make a short feature of Christmas pieces, a kind of earlier gift that deviantART's illustrators are offering you.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanouka everybody!:heart:

the first snow by trenchmakersnowman detail by hailey-buThe Great drum n guitar Escape by OhAnneli
Always Winter, Never Christmas by killskerryDed Moroz by dimpoartHappy Holidays by isasi
The Land of the Lonely by pesarelet it snow... by firejay
The Rat King by killskerryHappy Holidays by RayArray:thumb44512117:
Merry Christmas, Dear by barbarasobczynskaSanta vs Snowman by herodSnowman's love by Nuri7

and now let's go for some other little beauties

Savannah Joy by killskerry
B,L,andW:interior illustration by betta-girlJackie 04 by Nuri7
the way home by trenchmaker:thumb11392237:Other world by Adelaida
childrens book - vegie animals by macenHarvey at the saloon by DianeYoungKasal by tatjari
dreaming ... unreal gardens by duendelglobo.: Sleeping on a cloud 2 :. by melimelo
:thumb41885023:An Adventurer by martyisnothereNico y las Nubes 10 by I-Friene
Ghost of Human Kindness by killskerryCload by RevDevthe boozer, laterna magica I by nicolas-gouny-art
:thumb41905676:Madame Behrooz by FaerieShadowsDSG 487: Something under... by herod
Me and my House by usernameunknownThree Moonies by katzaiThe Bewitching Night - Ruins by GoddessVirage
:thumb39922588::thumb38345406:Dreamer by lenin-grad
PUT ME INSIDE by GottaGetOutWildebeest's gnoo's by drclaychildrens book - coming up by macen
Once upon a time... by babalismeMy Hiding Place by bkk-grouplittle nemo in slumberland by bundle1
:thumb33005312:L'ultima estate by peppjnoUguccione and Milo by Aguaplano

For the next issue:
If you are a children books illustrator yourself, professional or wannabe, or if you know some of our great fellows, feel free to send me a note entitled [news article: illustrators showcase]. I will gladly add them in the next issue.
Thank you!

Illustration is an entire part of our everyday life, especially for children. Children books are childhood memories worth framing. Fanciful backdrops for that magical space between dreams, reality and sleep. It's also a creative communication tool, which can't live without talented authors.

For this first issue, i decided to share my vital interest in children’s literature and to showcase +50 of some of the best illustrators pieces i had the chance to discover through deviants galleries since 2 years and half.

In next each new volume, i will also make a special feature of an illustrator.

These artists are using a lots of different medias : watercolor, acrylic, gouache, ink, pencils, collage, prints, and also digital computer-based tools.

monstroyeux by nicolas-gouny-artBabu and his kitten Abu by frecklefaced29a little worm by Aguaplano
The Eye of The Wolf by anhdreslittle girl and invisible dog by pentelka:thumb30957709:
cheshire cat by firejay.::I'll make a boat::. by arghavanThe alphabet 3 by vleta
Bazyliszek by MartkaFence Posts by luvepecora by celinemeisser
:thumb3650238:gigante egoista by simonameisser
dugong02 by amoroustak:thumb41197846:
23 by anhdresSleep Elemental by splif
ANIELA by krecha:thumb39672911:Jake and the decision by alexs-art
girl is running by copyrezo:thumb41963586:
in the rosegarden by cidaq20000 LSLM. chapter4 part2 by MaxHierro:thumb40754966:
:thumb44016496:East of the Sun by meluseenaAnne-Julie by frecklefaced29
:thumb36049396:The Heart of the Forest by maina:thumb43710367:
Lily by gorjussKing of Trash by TinyPilotalice in the wonderworld 2 by flaviafou
this strange engine.this love. by barbarasobczynskalittle red red by gurliebotrodeo on cyprus hippopotamus by nicolas-gouny-art
Butterfly by ilona:thumb43301882:bookhive illustration 1 by bawayan
:thumb38910072:Trip to dream by uchePrincess by Adnil
page 12 by Wickernutthe snail by Aguaplano
salvage R by thredd:thumb37558602:God is having fun by Bear-up
catching dreams... by kperusita:thumb29718942:octopus's garden by Annalee
dream and laugh. by kitskids

For the next issue:
If you are a children books illustrator yourself, professional or wannabe, or if you know some of our great fellows, feel free to send me a note entitled [news article: illustrators showcase]. I will gladly add them in the next issue.
Thank you!
The international Contest: 99 posters retained among the 1825 received in 2004. Theme of this year 2004 :
"Stop-Discrimination! Discriminations, racial, sexual, religious, political, social, trade-union... stop! "

The 3 prices of the Festival and special price "ICOGRADA" will be decreed with four posters of this selection. Except competition an exposure of the posters of the members of Jurys is also presented. If you're in France, don't miss this fabulous contest.

for more info:
*/ exposures
dates and schedules of opening:
May 17 - June 27, 2004
everydays: 2pm- 7pm

:bulletblue: Ville de Chaumont Website
:bulletblue: 2003 Contest Gallery