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Submitted on
December 3, 2006


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Illustration is an entire part of our everyday life, especially for children. Children books are childhood memories worth framing. Fanciful backdrops for that magical space between dreams, reality and sleep. It's also a creative communication tool, which can't live without talented authors.

For this first issue, i decided to share my vital interest in children’s literature and to showcase +50 of some of the best illustrators pieces i had the chance to discover through deviants galleries since 2 years and half.

In next each new volume, i will also make a special feature of an illustrator.

These artists are using a lots of different medias : watercolor, acrylic, gouache, ink, pencils, collage, prints, and also digital computer-based tools.

monstroyeux by nicolas-gouny-artBabu and his kitten Abu by frecklefaced29a little worm by Aguaplano
The Eye of The Wolf by anhdreslittle girl and invisible dog by pentelka:thumb30957709:
cheshire cat by firejay.::I'll make a boat::. by arghavanThe alphabet 3 by vleta
Bazyliszek by MartkaFence Posts by luvepecora by celinemeisser
:thumb3650238:gigante egoista by simonameisser
dugong02 by amoroustak:thumb41197846:
23 by anhdresSleep Elemental by splif
ANIELA by krecha:thumb39672911:Jake and the decision by alexs-art
girl is running by copyrezo:thumb41963586:
in the rosegarden by cidaq20000 LSLM. chapter4 part2 by MaxHierro:thumb40754966:
:thumb44016496:East of the Sun by meluseenaAnne-Julie by frecklefaced29
:thumb36049396:The Heart of the Forest by maina:thumb43710367:
Lily by gorjussKing of Trash by TinyPilotalice in the wonderworld 2 by flaviafou
this strange engine.this love. by barbarasobczynskalittle red red by gurliebotrodeo on cyprus hippopotamus by nicolas-gouny-art
Butterfly by ilona:thumb43301882:bookhive illustration 1 by bawayan
:thumb38910072:Trip to dream by uchePrincess by Adnil
page 12 by Wickernutthe snail by Aguaplano
salvage R by thredd:thumb37558602:God is having fun by Bear-up
catching dreams... by kperusita:thumb29718942:octopus's garden by Annalee
dream and laugh. by kitskids

For the next issue:
If you are a children books illustrator yourself, professional or wannabe, or if you know some of our great fellows, feel free to send me a note entitled [news article: illustrators showcase]. I will gladly add them in the next issue.
Thank you!
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adnanalsouri Jul 17, 2009  Professional Artist
This is such a great idea
wow these are really nice! :D
UFUKNAYMAN Sep 15, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
super :aww:
inspyretash Jun 6, 2007
but they'a all mostly dark..
inspyretash Jun 6, 2007
whoops - sorry wrong news article, my 10month old is playing around my keyboard.
really nice choices. :aww:
enialadam Jan 4, 2007
This is such a great idea! Truly inspiring illustrations!
the variety of styles and moods is amazing, i'm having a great time going through them all. thank you very much for compiling this list :3
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